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Expertise & Services

Teaching and Education



Are you a student seeking the most effective way to gain skills related to your career goals? I offer comprehensive training programs tailored to the specific job opportunities available, helping my students to gain the competitive edge they need to stand out in today's job market.



If you're looking for support and guidance to reach your professional goals, I offer mentorship to guide students through a wide range of career pathways to help them identify and pursue the right opportunities for success.



I provide comprehensive counselling services focused on student guidance, skill building as per industry needs, and social development projects. My experience in the industry and as an educator will help you develop the skills and habits needed to achieve your goals.



I offer top-notch tutoring services to help you learn and better understand the concepts for the following topics.

Research and Documentation


Qualitative Research

As a social scientist with expertise in gender studies and grassroots development, my qualitative research services provide in-depth analysis of complex issues. With 20+ years of experience, I help organizations identify trends and challenges, making me an ideal partner for achieving social and developmental goals.



As an experienced researcher, I offer analysis of research papers to provide clients with valuable insights into the strengths and weaknesses of their work. My expertise in various fields enables me to evaluate the soundness of research methods and data analysis, identify gaps in a literature review, and suggest improvements to the overall structure and coherence of the paper. 



As a skilled researcher and writer, I offer documentation services for research findings. Drawing on my expertise in various fields, I create detailed and accurate reports that synthesize research data, identify key findings, and highlight implications for further study. 

Development Aspects

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Strategic Planner

I offer comprehensive strategic planning services to organizations seeking to achieve their goals. With my expertise in various fields, I help clients develop effective plans that align with their mission, vision, and values, identify key stakeholders, and create actionable steps to achieve their objectives.

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Programme Implementation

I offer implementation services to clients seeking to execute development programs effectively. With my knowledge of program design, community engagement, and capacity building, I help clients translate policy and program objectives into effective on-the-ground actions, monitor and evaluate program outcomes, and make necessary adjustments to ensure program success.

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Project Management

I offer end-to-end project management services to clients seeking to execute projects efficiently and effectively. Leveraging my knowledge of project management methodologies, tools, and techniques, I help clients define project scope, manage resources, and mitigate risks to ensure timely and successful project delivery.



I offer evaluation services to clients seeking to measure program impact and effectiveness. With my expertise in qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, I help clients develop evaluation frameworks, collect and analyze data, and provide actionable recommendations to improve program outcomes.

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Social Development and Policies

I offer consulting services to clients seeking to promote inclusive and sustainable development. Drawing on my extensive experience in research, policy analysis, and stakeholder engagement, I help clients develop evidence-based policies, design effective programs, and build partnerships to achieve their social development goals.


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